10 highest paying jobs


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10 highest paying jobs

10 highest paying jobs

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All jobs are different in the qualifications they require and the availability of them. There are jobs that pay better than all other jobs all over the world. The pay is good because only a few jobs are available. It also means that only a few people make it to these jobs. The good news is if you are one of those few, you can make it too.

10 highest paying jobs


An unusual job it seems to be but is one of the highest paying jobs. You only get to fly smaller aircrafts in the beginning of your career. As you experience and grow up, you can get to fly those big commercial passenger aircraft. And the salaries are immensely good.

Project Managers

Be it any project; the most paid are the project managers. There is a little exception in scientific researches where the scientists get paid more. Having a degree in project management is not going to be enough. You have to have experience and a wide range of knowledge to become a project manager of any sort.


These are people that can fix artificial teeth. As simple as it seem to be; the job is really hard. It is okay because the pay is really good. You have to specialize in the certain studies that would qualify you to become one.

Information System Manager

All kinds of Database Management and Information System Managers get a lot of money. These are the people that sit in the chief offices in larger corporate companies and give information to the big bosses.

Business Consultants

You need to have experience in business and degrees and knowledge in vast areas of business. You have to have a track record of practicing and succeeding in new business strategies. The pay is immense although the work hours are less.


These are the people that deal with sexual concepts of medicine. It is not a pleasure to be one in contrast to most people would think. It takes special education to be one but the pay is good. They make fortunes.

Marketing Managers

This is a job that you can get right out of your graduation if you are really good. The payments often involve incentives, commissions and bonuses; real good choice for dynamic individuals with a marketing blood.

Production Supervisors

You will need to have degrees in Engineering and proper experience to get into the production lines of companies. If you become a production supervisor of a company then you will not expose your salary to others.

Neurology Surgeons

Becoming a Neurology Surgeon would take like ten years of studies. As brain needing as it is, it is a very much respected and money making job. It is hard to become one but even harder to withdraw from.

Chief Executive Officers

These are people in charge of entire businesses. Often the CEOs are the owners of the companies but some companies hire CEOs. When you are hired as a CEO, your salaries are the highest of all other staff working under you.

Whatever job it is, it takes time, energy, trial and errors and a bit of a luck to get into the right one that you deserve and to earn what you want to.

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