Social Work

The 10 Best Paying College Majors

With a degree in social work, you will be able to study the interaction between people and social institutions.

You can earn a job in:

  • Community Development
  • Crisis Intervention Programs
  • Government Social Projects
  • Livelihood Training
  • National Government Offices
  • Outreach Programs
  • Public service
  • Research and Education
  • Social Rehabilitation Units


The 10 Best Paying College Majors

The 10 Best Paying College Majors

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The 10 Best Paying College Majors

When you choose a graduate degree to pursue you might be interested to know what you could expect to earn at the end of your years of study. Whilst you should not choose your major on the basis of pay alone it can be useful and motivational to know what benefits could lie in store.  We’ve compiled a list of the most lucrative degree majors to have in the United States. These majors and fields of study can provide you with highly desirable job prospects.

Business Administration

A Master’s degree in Business Administration is by far the most lucrative degree in the United States. The perks of specialising in fields such as business, finance and accounting are applicable to all sorts of organisations in both the public and private sector. Whilst the average salary for a Masters of business administration is rivalled by various other disciplines, the potential for earning an extraordinary amounts is vast. People who hold MBAs are amongst some of the wealthiest in the country and the degree itself costs considerably less than many others from as little as $10,000 through some online degree providers. CEOs can earn well over 1 million dollars.


The people that we trust with our family’s health and well-being are some of the best paid people in the country. It’s not surprising when you consider the long path to obtaining a doctorate. Becoming a medical doctor involves:

  1. Completing a Bachelor (4 years)
  2. Completing a Doctorate (3 to 4 years)
  3. Completing a residency program

Despite this lengthy process many graduates find medicine offers great financial remuneration, particularly for specialists, and can be a thoroughly rewarding career. Doctors are often able to earn vast amounts depending on their location and specialisation.


Legal professionals are paid quite well with legal professionals earning about $130,000 per year. This degree is also a popular choice for aspiring politicians, Becoming a lawyer requires the passing of a bar exam after graduation in order to legally practice. The highest qualification in the legal profession is a Juris Doctorate.


Engineering degrees provide excellent job opportunities at every level. Technically minded student apply their skills to fields such as:

  • Computers
  • Chemical Technology
  • Aerospace
  • Civil Engineering

Engineers are particularly popular with energy companies, who still manage to pay their engineers very well. Especially for those who have to work offshore. But for those who don’t mind the fly in, fly out lifestyle the remuneration is quite substantial with an average annual income of $128,000.


Whilst primary and secondary teachers are often underpaid and overworked, once you get to the Ph.D. level you can take on more lucrative college professorships. The Ph.D. process is very lengthy and requires the recipient to not only complete years and years of study but have several published academic works before they are even eligible for a tenure at a university. This is by no means an easy way to earn big but getting a tenure at a university can see a Ph.D. graduate earning over $100,000 per year.

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