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What Is The Fastest Track To Complete A College Degree?

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What Is The Fastest Track To Complete A College Degree?

What Is The Fastest Track To Complete A College Degree?

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What Is The Fastest Track To Complete A College Degree?

Whilst college degrees are a worthwhile investment in your future career and prosperity the time that they take to complete can put a lot of people off. But what if there was a way to speed up the process? Many colleges are now offering fast track programs that can substantially lighten you study load.

Accelerated or fast tracked degrees

Accredited or fast tracked degrees attempt to condense a 4 year learning experience such as a bachelors into a shorter 3 year course. It is not simply a case of skipping units or requirements instead it ramps up the intensity. Fast track students will need to complete competencies and assessments in a shorter space of time. This is not an option for those who have difficulty staying motivated. You will need to be totally committed to your studies and work hard to complete the degree. That having been said it is still a great option for those that can maintain the level of motivation required.

Super-fast tracked degrees

This phenomenon is not as popular in the United States but in Australia in particular there are options available to condense your studies even further. Some degrees being shrunk to a mere 2 years. This streamlined version of college education is starting to become available in the United States but is certainly not recommended for everyone. Or even most people.

Degree value

This is where fast tracked degrees fall into a grey area. Whilst theoretically a fast tracked qualification is worth the same as a regularly obtained degree some employers may not hold the same value to the accelerated version. This is not necessarily a fair appraisal or judgment by the employers but nonetheless it can happen. Before you undertake an accelerated program it is worth investigating how the fast tracked version of the degree has been received by the wider community.

Lower cost

Less tutoring time takes up less of the university or colleges resources and can result in less fees. Less time studying can also result in less time away from work. These factors can lessen the financial impact of study considerably.

Graduation rate

Accelerated or fast tracked programs tend to have a lower graduation rate than full length degrees. This is largely due to the concentrated version of the work load. There is little if any room for late assessments, reworking essays and catching up on missed materials and lectures. The time restrictions can be both a blessing and a curse depending on your personal strengths and weaknesses as a student.

When deciding to undertake an accelerated degree be sure that it is the right choice for you by weighing up the pros and cons of this style of study and appraising your own study skills and level of discipline. Unless you are sure that you can throw yourself into your studies, for example you have studied successfully recently, a fast tracked program may not be for you. Talk to you education provider about the best choice for you needs but be sure to also get unbiased and informed advise from student advisory bodies.

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